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Here are a few wedding planning tips from Jennifer

Guest Lists:
When you are working on your guest list, try to think in terms of who you think will still be good friends with you in 5 or 10 years – but if there is someone you are on-the-fence about, you should probably invite them.

There is no magical percentage of guests who will decline your invitation.  A wedding invitation is the most important and popular of all invitations.  Everyone will do their best to attend your wedding, so consider this carefully if you have a budget or guest count constraint of any kind.

Selecting Wedding Professionals:
Be sure you feel comfortable with your professional team who will be with you on your wedding day – first and foremost, your coordinator and photographer, as these are the people who will be with you every step of the way.  Look at a combination of factors for all of your professionals – their experience, their reputation, their style, and their personality.  Also, for the professionals who will be on-site, ask how they dress for your wedding and be sure they will be dressed appropriately.

Selecting Your Wedding Party:
There are no rules about how many attendants should stand with you, nor do the numbers need to be the same for each side.  Select the closest people to you – and, if possible, those who will make your wedding planning and wedding day experience nicer for you.  This is not the time for unnecessary drama if it can be avoided.

Pre-nuptial Agreement:
If a “pre-nup” is necessary for your marriage, be sure to discuss it openly with all involved and very early in the planning process.  If a pre-nup appears too close to the wedding date, it can ruin the wedding and destroy a relationship.

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