Jennifer is a true Angeleno – born and raised in La Canada, she attended UC Irvine and now resides in Glendale with her husband of almost 20 years and their teenage son.  Party planning is instinctive to Jennifer – starting with elaborately planned theme parties in college. She continued with event planning after college with two of her best friends as Jen-Mar Productions. She spent five years as the Dining Room Manager at Bel Air Country Club and  particularly enjoyed working with brides on their weddings.  When Jennifer realized weddings were her passion, it was a natural progression for her to create Joie de Vivre. 

Lending a hand is also a part of Jennifer’s nature.  Whether it is Boy Scouts, the Chamber of Commerce, the La Canada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association, or PTA, Jennifer does not shy away from reaching out to help.  It is no wonder she loves impacting people’s lives by working with them to celebrate their important milestones and weddings.

Jennifer’s clients often describe her as compassionate and diplomatic, having a calm demeanor and being attentive to every detail.  They have said she expertly guides them throughout the planning process so they can enjoy their day.  Jennifer attributes these comments to being very detail-oriented and to her many years of experience in the special event industry.  Recently she heard someone say that, “she is really in her element” when she is coordinating a wedding.

When not wearing her Joie de Vivre chapeau, you can find Jennifer enjoying a game night with her family, gathering her girlfriends for a GNO, trying a new recipe, or sending a card or letter to a friend or colleague.

If you were to ask her what some of her current missions are, she would probably tell you that she would like to spread awareness about ADHD and other Spectrum Disorders so that one day executive function skills will be taught in every school.  She would also say that she is trying to bring back the art of writing hand-written letters … one letter at a time.

Considering Jennifer’s personality, it is not a surprise that her main objective is to make the daunting and tedious portion of organizing a wedding less stressful.  Her experience helps couples save valuable planning time while also giving them peace of mind knowing that their wedding professionals are among the best in the industry. There can be so many worries of how things might go wrong.  It is reassuring to know that someone is in your court steering you through those last-minute panic attacks.  On the day of, should any issues arise, Jennifer will be there to handle them with ease and grace allowing the couple and their families the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the wedding of their dreams.